Smoking via E-Cigarettes A pack of cigarette a day brings pleasure. Heart and lung diseases are the painful possible exchange of this pleasure. Not all people can easily quit smoking. The cravings to smoke is uncontrollable at times. After a meal, or while drinking alcoholic drinks, there is that craving for a cigarette. With the aim of replacing the real cigarette smoking, the E-cigarette or electronic cigarette was presented to the public. Also called electronic nicotine delivery system, the e-cigarette is a battery-operated device that delivers nicotine with flavors and other chemicals to smokers instead of smoke. They are even produced it in resemblance to a real traditional cigarette or tobacco or cigar or pipes, or even like our day to day instrument like the pen or USB memory sticks. There are more than 250 different e-cigarette brands sold in the market today. Whereas e-cigarettes are most of the time sold as a safer alternative to traditional cigars, which sends nicotine by burning tobacco, its health risks is of little known yet to the public. These are the basic components of an electronic cigarette – the cartridge, which retains a liquid solution that contains varying quantity of nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals; a heating device named vaporizer; and the source of power which is the battery.
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The liquid in the cartridge is vaporized through the puffing activity that triggers the battery-powered heating device. This product called aerosol or vapor is thus inhaled through or in other words the “vaping” action.
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Among the adolescents, smoking through e-cigarette is gaining popularity. Even if e-cigarettes contain a nicotine that is derived from tobacco, they are not yet regulated as tobacco products. Some states ban the selling of e-cigarettes to young teenagers, but they can still get some by ordering through the internet. Because e-cigarette has a vast choices of flavors (like coffee or mint or candy and fruit flavors), the young people are attracted to use it. With the aim of lowering the nicotine cravings while trying to stop smoking, smokers resort to smoking e-cigarette. But at this point, it is not clear how good is e-cigarette smoking as a tool to stop traditional smoking. There could be a possibility that it can lead to nicotine addiction thus won’t serve the purpose of quitting. A thorough evaluation in the scientific studies is yet to be undergone for the e-cigarettes. Health effects or therapeutic benefits are not yet made known to date to consumers because of the little data available from the scientific studies. Can it be said that e-cigarette is safer to smoke than the original tobacco? Can it be that the next generation has found a new way to a nicotine habit? None knows the answer. Research of the effects of e-cigarette is not catching up with the popularity of the e-cigarette.